They may not yet know what they want to be when they grow up, but they definitely know what they like in the here and now. They are savvy, technical wizards who’ve seen it all and know exactly how to cut through the clutter. They are the members of Gen Z – those between ages 5 and 19.

While Gen Z may still make up a somewhat small percentage of the population at 5 percent, they are many in number. Are you targeting Gen Z’s? Or should you be? After all, this group is growing in age and influence, and before you know it, they will become the primary target of most PR campaigns. It is never too soon to win favor, and recognition, and influence with this crowd.

If you are or are considering putting Gen Z’ers in your crosshairs in the near future, here’s some must-have information about them to help you get started.

As reported by Media Daily News, here’s what a recent AdReaction study, which focused specifically on young adults ages 16-19, revealed about what messaging elements resonate with them.

  • Humor. Make it fun, entertaining, bring on a smile or a laugh.
  • Good message. What you say matters to this group, make it count. Speak to them. Make it memorable.
  • No need to catch a rising star. These young adults are not necessarily enticed by having the hottest celebrity push your messaging, your product, your brand. You need not go through the expense or challenges of identifying and hiring a known commodity to win them over.
  • Sponsored and branded content works. Some 55 percent of those surveyed tend to like tutorials and 52 percent like user reviews when looking for authenticity. Know what people are saying about you and have an active plan to manage these communications. And make it easy to learn more about who and what your brand is.
  • Product placements are OK. While less than half of those surveyed welcome product placements, 39 percent are open to them. Consider them in moderation in your branding efforts.

Again, be receptive to reaching out to Gen Z. Get to know more about who they are and what appeals to them. Introduce yourself now, even before they’ve decided they want to be a doctor, lawyer, IT professional, firefighter, teacher, PR professional, or whatever they may choose. Having a presence with them now will go a long way in retaining their loyalty later in life.