By Lisa Hester, Senior Account Manager

Whether your company is new to a community or is well established, it’s always a good time to take an active interest in those around you. Specifically, I’m referring to launching a community relations program. Such a program is the perfect way to keep your company top of mind, show the community you care and even gain valuable employees.

CommunityRelationsHow can people not think of you when your company logo is on the ball cap of every kid or on the t-shirt of every one of your employees volunteering for a community project or when you lead and/or host a group of top business leaders?

And what a positive image it creates for your brand when others see you getting involved. A community relations program provides the opportunity to present your products to your target audience in a very subtle way and/or to forge relationships with the movers and shakers in your area.

But before you jump into a community relations program, brainstorm the possibilities and decide what type of sponsorships you should choose based on your company’s audience and goals. Consider also how much time you can realistically devote to any one or more activities.

It can be as simple as writing a check to a local charity, more hands-on such as volunteering as a group at a local animal shelter or more involved such as joining a community-centric group such as the local chamber of commerce. The possibilities are endless. Thus a methodical selection process is a must.

And remember, potential employees – now more than ever, particularly Millennials – want to work for and support a company that gives back. And generally they enjoy participating in give-back efforts. Find ways to them involved.

Initiate a community relations program for the right reasons and the benefits will more than pay for themselves.

Still not sure where to begin? At Rountree Group, we’ve been helping companies start and manage community relations programs for 30+ years. Let’s sit down and talk about how we can help your company get involved. Give us a call at 770-645-4545 or email us at