By Lisa Hester, Senior Account Manager

Thanksgiving is a time to cherish with family and friends. It’s a day when we come together to show our appreciation for what we have, share of our bounty with others and celebrate the gift of friendship and love for those who are special to us. It’s a meal, for sure, but hopefully it also is a wonderful feeling, as well.

But that feeling doesn’t have to end on Thanksgiving. Capture the essence of Thanksgiving as you enjoy it this week, then find ways to express that essence throughout the year. Think about ways you can express your gratitude not just at Thanksgiving, but every day.

* Find ways every day to show your loved ones that you care about and are concerned with their well-being. If it’s someone in your life every day, tell them, better yet show them, that you care about them. If it’s someone far away, send a note, email or text to let them know they may not be nearby but they are near and dear to you and remain in your thoughts.

* Take just a few moments out of each day to be thankful for what has been given you on that day…whether it be a new friend, an experience, a life lesson or the chance to do good for someone else, even for the food you’ve enjoyed that day.

* Go out of your way to help a friend, co-worker, loved one, even a stranger. Give above and beyond to make someone’s day. Sometimes lending a helping hand, even a smile, can brighten another’s day.

* Find new ways to use the many blessings you’ve been given. Volunteer at a food pantry or area shelter, visit residents of a nursing home, bring treats to the firefighters at your nearby fire station, teach children a new song, send notes and small gifts to our service men and women, donate clothing, furniture and other goods to local charitable groups who support the less fortunate.

* Bring people together so that the Thanksgiving day is not the only gathering all year of family and friends. Engaging others in person allows us and our loved ones show their support and concern for each other and create memories that will last far beyond a single holiday each year.

At Rountree Group, we are thankful for the clients we have and have had over the nearly quarter of a century we’ve been in business. We try to express this thanks every day by giving our very best to meet and exceed your expectations and help you reach your goals. Thank you for allowing us that opportunity. And have a wonderful Thanksgiving!