Create a brochure to showcase the significant results of a commissioned, in-depth study


Rountree Group’s collaborative efforts to conduct an effective research study and publish the results for CyraCom.


Rountree Group’s objective was to create a brochure to showcase the significant results of a Roper study and CyraCom language information that would convey the client’s thought leadership. In addition, the agency was charged with developing a media reference resource that positioned the client as an expert on diversity in healthcare.


Rountree Group and the client interviewed various research companies and selected Roper Public Affairs for this study. A qualitative research study of national thought leaders regarding diversity was then commissioned.

The client and Rountree Group worked with Roper to create the study questions. The study was to take a broad look at diversity and how it shapes the country. Roper was charged with researching thinkers and policymakers in think tanks, foundations, corporations and educational and healthcare institutions. Secondary research drawing information from other sources was incorporated, as well.


Through a number of efforts, Rountree Group worked with Roper to ensure the interviews were achieving optimal results. The agency accomplished the following:

  • Reviewed potential interviewees and all written copy to ensure balance
  • Selected CyraCom language data to be included
  • Gave a formal name to the data: CyraCom Language Index
  • Collaborated with the design and printing company
  • Wrote CEO speech about the results that were unveiled at the client’s annual conference, information for the shareholder letter and copy about the study for the client’s company newsletter delivered to customers and industry leaders
  • Developed PowerPoint about study to be used by CEO and sales executives
  • Composed news release on study and conducted month-long campaign highlighting various elements of study information


  • Publication of 3,000 booklets with distribution to clients, shareholders and industry leaders
  • Strong news angle allowing for access to high-profile media with two stories published
  • Allowed for executive and sales staff coaching presentations