Gardener’s Confidence Collection

Promote brand awareness through an integrated marketing campaign


Rountree Group’s approach to an integrated marketing campaign to promote brand awareness for Gardener’s Confidence Collection



The objective was to present targeted audiences across the country with messages that promote brand awareness, support recognition of high-volume products and introduce new products. Additionally, our goal was to increase social media engagement to generate additional product coverage.

Target audiences included avid gardeners who routinely buy plants with an emphasis on women ages 30-55, casual gardeners who occasionally buy new plants and media gatekeepers.


With assistance from client findings, research efforts included identifying markets in which the product thrived and that included a large population of potential customers. With this information in hand, Rountree Group identified appropriate media outlets, including national consumer publications, to pinpoint audiences within the selected markets.


Rountree Group followed its developed timeline to garner media placements during the campaign and beyond while effectively managing the client’s resources. The agency developed press materials about each of the client’s new products and tailored both national and localized media pitches.

The agency produced and distributed an interactive news release (INR) for the client that aided our integrated marketing program. The INR created extended reach and greater visibility among target audiences.

Rountree Group also developed, scripted and oversaw the production of three custom videos that accompanied the INR. All were versatile, instructional videos that generated product awareness.


The total number of people reached during the campaign was 275,384,473. This was five times the amount of consumers reached during the previous year’s campaign, which also was conducted by Rountree Group. In other terms, 2,000 consumers were reached for every penny spent on integrated marketing.

  • Rountree Group secured editorial placements in various national and local outlets:
    • Seven identified key markets ran live in-studio television interviews and posted information on their websites
    • 293+ publications ran positive editorials about the products
    • National consumer magazine editorials that reached target audiences included Better Homes & Gardens, syndicated columnist Rose Bennett (writes for 285+ newspapers), Country Almanac, Garden Ideas & Outdoor Living and Flower Gardens
  • The custom videos Rountree Group produced served multiple purposes for the client:
    • Posted on client website
    • Advanced relationship with key audiences such as growers and retailers
    • Informational/educational presentations by the client’s staff to gardening groups
    • Viewed at tradeshows
    • Enhanced sales calls
    • Was included in e-newsletter and other marketing communications
  • The INR allowed viewers to interact more with the brand. The videos garnered a total of 217+ million views.