Georgia National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Program

Develop a statewide campaign that raises awareness about the Georgia National Guard Youth ChalleNGe


Develop a statewide campaign that raises awareness about the Georgia National Guard Youth ChalleNGe, an at-risk youth program that provides troubled youth with a second chance at reclaiming their future with strong military components that lead and train at-risk youth.


The three main objectives included:

  • Generate statewide awareness via media and promotional events, secure 20 media placements and develop and execute four promotional events
  • Reach out to Georgia’s community/business organizations and secure eight speaking engagements
  • Meet pre-determined campaign goals, on time and within budget


Research efforts included statistics on the increased dilemma of at-risk youth, demographics and areas throughout the state that are impacted the most.


Implementation included: arranging numerous speaking opportunities, securing local celebrity partnerships in the cause, planning and executing all promotional events, developing all written materials, which included press releases, e-newsletters to provide pertinent information to those interested in the program, media kits, media pitching and interview coordination. To add credibility and interest, we secured (at no cost to the client) a team of celebrities (to be used for year two of the program) – University of Georgia head football coach Mark Richt, a well-respected professional on the field and community faith-based leader off the field, three-time bull riding world champion and program graduate Patrick Phillips and Josh Logan, a third-year medical student and “All American/boy next door” graduate.


  • Year-long, constant flow of statewide publicity (print, radio and television); major placements were landed throughout the state, including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Macon Telegraph and Daily Citizen, etc.; editorial boards with the state’s largest circulation papers were secured to address at-risk youth issues with the leadership of the paper and to speak about “who is going to deal with at-risk youth.” All media placements were positive and focused on how the program impacts Georgia and pre-campaign media goals were exceeded by 35 percent, creating more than 6 million impressions
  • Twelve successful speaking engagements were secured with desired community and business organizations, a 50 percent increase in our pre-campaign goal (600 Georgians were reached); presentations were in high population centers; additional presentations were given to important groups/individuals that the program could partner with – school superintendents, guidance counselors, teachers – and a relationship was built with Georgia’s Juvenile Justice organization and Georgia’s Sheriff’s Association
  • Promotional events were developed and weaved throughout the program to generate awareness. Pre-campaign event goals were exceeded by 25 percent. Examples included having color guard teams present our nation’s colors at the start of major sporting events (Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Hawks, Georgia Force), which reached more than 100,000 people “in the stands.” “Day 1/admissions,” when current at-risk youth enter the program, is an eye-opening experience due to the program’s boot camp/military-style format. We captured the moment and secured media coverage and secured a meeting and then a photo opportunity with Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue
  • All pre-campaign goals were exceeded within our contract time and within budget