Mather Economics: Showcasing Value & Expertise


Mather Economics is a global analytics consulting firm that helps businesses improve performance and grow revenue through economic modeling. The company’s primary obstacle was that its highly technical work – collecting and interpreting multiple layers of data from a vast array of sources – was often challenging to understand for business leaders who could benefit from its services. Our goals were to build visibility for Mather Economics by crafting easy-to-understand messaging about the company and showcase its leaders as experts through a monthly stream of publicity in pertinent trade media targeting leaders and decision-makers in key industries.


Our research effort had two distinct tiers. The first was to identify national and international publications that reach the client’s target audience – leaders/decision-makers in companies specific to the client’s areas of expertise, which include the publishing, technology and hospitality industries.

Second, once we identified a publications list, we reviewed their editorial calendars and sent media inquiries about the publications’ topics of interest as they related to our client’s areas of expertise. Once we identified the key media outlets, we coordinated a series of ongoing planning sessions with company leaders to discuss trends and issues affecting their clients. Their responses were crucial in building pitch opportunities, which we developed on a variety of topics of interest to our target audiences, along with identifying company team members to serve as expert sources. We created an internal news bureau with regularly scheduled sessions to discuss pitch ideas and scoured the trade media regularly to identify “hot topics” about which our client could offer commentary and/or solutions. We developed and fine-tuned key messages that resonated with business leaders and decision-makers and with the editors we were approaching. We strategically executed a program that showcased the depth of the company’s knowledge in multiple industries (digital and print publishing, hospitality, etc.). We secured diverse coverage by offering bylined articles and interviews to trade media.


We were successful in raising awareness about the company and showcasing as experts its team to the target audiences of importance to the client, including leaders/decision-makers in the publishing, technology and hospitality industries, via easy-to-understand messaging. Our efforts garnered 53 media placements in several key national and international publications we initially identified with pertinent messages that addressed specific needs within the targeted industries.

We achieved a consistent stream of awareness about the client every month, averaging four editorial placements per month, with the majority of placements being an in-depth editorial that showcased the client’s expertise on a subject. Coverage also included interviews with the Mather team by reporters of targeted publications.