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Leader in the Name Badge Industry


The objective of our integrated marketing campaign was to generate awareness for the client, establish the client as a market leader and highlight the company’s CEO as a business and industry leader locally, within a targeted industry and generally through a combined public relations and advertising campaign.


Research efforts included identifying pertinent general media and trade media in the specific industry (hospitality industry) identified by the client based on the client’s desire to maintain its dominant position within the industry while reaching potential customers and expanding overall visibility for the company. It included researching editorial calendars and leading informational meetings with the client to identify story ideas and advertising concepts that brought to life the client’s key message points. Through discussions about reaching out to current and potential customers with the campaign, the idea of creating an e-newsletter targeted to customers and potential customers within the selected industry was born. Further discussions with the client also revealed the need for a positioning statement, which then was created on the client’s behalf and used in all aspects of the campaign – via media relations and advertising – and subsequently adopted for widespread use in internal and external company communications of every kind.


Rountree Group followed the timeline developed to garner media placements, develop and distribute a series of e-newsletters and produce and coordinate quality advertising placements during the timeframe of the campaign and beyond, while managing effectively the client’s resources.

Implementation included developing press materials for use with the media, creating the look and feel, as well as content for, an e-newsletter and designing advertisements, advertorials and e-promotions that showcased the client’s strengths within the selected industry.

 The e-newsletter itself brought together, in one package, the following elements: 

  • brand logo                           
  • pertinent industry-wide information
  • photo images
  • link to client’s website
  • social media tagging/sharing capabilities


Rountree Group achieved the objective of reaching an extensive number of people within the key target audiences, within specifically identified markets and beyond with messages about the company and its CEO. Client was very pleased with the integrated marketing program and rehired the agency.