Southeastern Flower Show

Develop a communications campaign to raise awareness and expand attendance to the Southeastern Flower Show


Rountree Group’s multi-faceted communications approach to raise awareness and expand attendance at the Southeastern Flower Show, an Atlanta staple event and the third largest in the country


The objective was to uncover media opportunities to reach a broader audience, increase youth participation and emphasize the importance of horticulture preservation. The overall goal was to drive attendance to the Southeastern Flower Show and increase awareness of The Atlanta Botanical Garden, the show’s beneficiary.


Rountree Group conducted a communications audit that revealed coverage for previous shows, particularly in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The results were used to pinpoint prime coverage opportunities.

Strategies and techniques:

  • The agency maximized television sponsor visibility with local station WSB-TV, Channel 2 (ABC).
  • Arranged meetings with media editors and show officials to establish solid relationships, especially with the new Atlanta Journal-Constitution editor


Rountree Group positioned the Southeastern Flower Show as the premier horticulture show in the tri-state region through pitching press materials to print, TV, radio and online outlets.

The agency also arranged for previous football coach and athletic director of the University of Georgia, Vince Dooley, to speak at the show. Sports media were pitched in advance and resulted in additional coverage at the show.

Potted plants were delivered to media to capture attention and drive awareness. Media were also invited for on-site tours at the show. The agency responded to more than 300 media calls as a result of efforts.


The media relations campaign reached key audiences, increased awareness of the show and resulted in broader attendance.


  • Multiple stories in various sections of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, including four full-page layouts in local, living, home & garden, sports and front page sections
  • Five metro weeklies produced coverage before, during and after the event
  • More than 50 state newspapers covered the show, including those serving six Southeastern states
  • Ten regional and national magazines published advance coverage, including Atlanta Magazine, Southern Living, Where (cover), Presenting the Season, Atlanta KNOW, Country Living, Home and Landscape Architect

Television and Radio: 

  • Radio and television produced nearly five hours of coverage
  • More than three hours of coverage, including two 30-minute segments on CNN
  • Placements on four Atlanta network affiliate news programs
  • Peachtree Morning, an hour-long program on WXIA-TV (NBC), broadcast its entire show on-site
  • WGNX-TV (FOX) produced a noon news program on-site
  • Sponsor WSB-TV (ABC) had guests on its People to People show


  • Interviews totaled 75 minutes, featuring a key spokesperson and well-known horticulturist on Walter Reeves’ WSB-TV garden show
  • “Sunday Magazine,” an award-winning program on WYAY and WMLB AM news – both country stations


  • Helped increase paid attendance to a record – nearly 40,000
  • The Atlanta Botanical Garden received contributions of more than $105,000 and added 950 new memberships for a total worth $166,000, 10 percent more than the previous year
  • Efforts resulted in more than 40 million impressions
  • Agency was re-hired