The Arbor Company

Via media relations and social media plans, generate press coverage and broaden awareness


For two years, we developed and implemented media relations and social media plans for The Arbor Company to generate press coverage and broadened awareness for its 13 locations in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and Texas


The objective was to proactively uncover story lines for media efforts and to make more vibrant the company’s social media efforts. Rountree Group’s media relations goal was 45 positive editorial placements for the client so that coverage could be used for future marketing efforts ,and the social media goal was to ensure that its key audiences were engaged with the company.


Rountree Group’s primary research included interviewing individuals with parents of assisted living age and those who currently have parents in assisted living facilities about their perceptions of senior homes. Additional primary research included site visits to three competitors, which allowed us to determine key points of positive differentiation. Secondary research included web-based research for editorials and perceptions regarding assisted living facilities and a glimpse at the company’s social media presence to determine activity level. The research goal was to bring the agency up to speed on the industry to help shape our PR strategy and identify leverage points for our program. Secondary research allowed us insights into what the media was/wasn’t covering and how to position perceptions.


The media relations plan was driven by meetings with executive directors to collect newsworthy topics. This allowed the agency to garner editorial coverage. The agency managed meetings, workflow and developed press materials.

One challenge was arranging media interviews with residents of the senior communities because they had restrictions on availability and/or abilities. The agency worked through these challenges by staging photos and sending to the media vs. having the media come to the community. This program refinement aided in reaching goals.

The social media plan was an effort to encourage each of the company’s locations to stay active with social media channels, specifically Facebook and Twitter, as well as the location’s own website, by posting local, personalized stories, photos and event coverage on a regular basis and identifying and following others. The agency provided suggested content and posting schedules, as well as suggested timelines for the social media outreach efforts.


The agency generated a consistent level of editorial coverage, garnering 52 total placements the first year. The write-ups were lengthy and included photos which resonated with the target audience, adult females with elderly parents. The results were leveraged in marketing communication activities and drove foot traffic.

Editorial headline highlights included:

  • Making Magical Moments
  • Fit for Life Wellness Programs
  • Valentine’s Day Love
  • Pet Therapy
  • Honoring Our Heroes

Rountree Group also garnered broadcast placements, including TV and three radio interviews.

In addition, the social media recommendations resulted in a more robust social media program that kept content for each Arbor Terrace location fresh and alive, with the specific focus of appealing to the company’s target audience.