local expertise

Whether it’s “ITP” or “OTP”, we know Atlanta. From the major surrounding cities, to the small pockets that make Atlanta unique, we are involved in our communities and have strong media connections everywhere.

While our employees have media, agency, corporate and non-profit backgrounds, we always employ a core group of staff members who are natives of Atlanta, know the lay of the land and are well versed in the history of our communities. It’s the culmination of these experiences that ensures your communication management program is going to be on track. Sure, we have been voted “best run agency” by our peers and have been ranked in the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s “top 25,” but not many also can say that they have called Atlanta home for more than three decades.

The Rountree family has a history with Georgia’s newspapers that spans over 100 years. Three generations have served as a president or officer of the Georgia Press Association, and two of them are honored in its Hall of Fame on the University of Georgia campus. Members of the Rountree family have owned and still own several newspapers in Georgia. In addition, Rountree Group has a history of developing and managing statewide award-winning programs.

So what does this mean to our clients? The media know who Rountree is. They take our calls and open our emails. This allows us to have greater success for our clients because we’re local.